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How much do your services cost?
Delivery of a car from Europe depends on the distance and cost of the car. On average, the cost of delivering a car worth 30,000 euros from Germany will cost from 2,000 euros + fuel and road costs (about 75 euros) + the cost of insurance in Germany (about 250 euros) + the cost of customs clearance in Germany (about 60 euros) . This price includes checking the car, customs procedures in Germany, delivery to the customs point of Andorra.

What are my guarantees?
Before buying a car, we study in detail the information on the car from various sources. In addition, we study information about the seller (we also have verified sellers). Regarding our cooperation - we conclude a contract in which we can designate the main and additional, at your request, issues. Our company is solvent, which can be seen in the servicing bank in Andorra. You can also visit our office and workshop in Andorra.

What is the cost of car registration services in Andorra?
Estimated cost of the registration service (all instances from customs clearance to obtaining registration plates) 450 euros + you must pay all mandatory payments (tax, insurance, technical control, etc.)

How much does it cost to homologate a car bought in the USA?
Estimated cost 2500 euros. But cars bought in the US may not always be homologated for the EU market. Before buying such a car, consult with us - it's free, but it will help you avoid trouble in the future.

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