If you need help importing a car and registering it in Andorra, we will be happy to help you.


Our company can help you choose a car, advise on the possible risks and procedures for purchasing, delivery, customs clearance, car registration.


We can do everything ourselves, from choosing and agreeing a car to registering it in Andorra in your name. Or we can perform some stages of work, for example, only delivery or only registration of the car.


Using the example of buying a car from Germany, we will describe how this happens.


First, you have to choose the car you are interested in, this can be done on many websites. If you like the car, you need to contact the seller and discuss the availability of the car for purchase, the technical condition, the possibility of VAT refund, which documents for export are drawn up by the seller, and which must be drawn up by you, as well as some other issues, depending on the situation.


Secondly, you must obtain registration and technical documentation from the seller in order to determine the possibility of registering a car in Andorra and see the history of the car.


Further, if everything goes well, you need to agree on the amount of payment for the first part of the total cost and agree on the date of full payment and the date of your arrival in Germany.


After all this, you can go to Germany, pay the full cost of the car (sometimes this can be done on the day you pick up the car), get and check all the documents from the seller.


You may need to do customs clearance in Germany yourself, if all other documents are properly completed, this usually does not take more than 3-4 hours.


After the car has passed customs clearance, has transit numbers and civil liability insurance in your name (as well as the registration certificate), you can go to Andorra.


Upon arrival in Andorra, you need to apply to customs (France or Spain - depending on the country indicated in the customs documents) to formalize the car's departure from the European Union. From the moment you check out, you are eligible for a VAT refund, usually it takes 2-3 weeks.


Finally, you move on to the registration and registration of the car in Andorra. To do this, you need to register the entry of the car into the country at the customs of Andorra and pay VAT 4.5% of the cost. Then you need to obtain a certificate from one of the insurance companies in Andorra and undergo technical control, after which you must apply to the Government for registration and obtain a registration certificate (yellow card) and to the Andorra Automobile Club to obtain license plates.


After the car has a registration certificate and license plates of Andorra, you must sign a liability insurance contract with an insurance company and finally you can use the car.